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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Successful Pet Sitting Services.

From pet sitter to pet owner, we want everyone to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. 

Please take a few minutes to review our policies and procedures before the Meet & Greet Visit.

Meet & Greet Visit & Payment for Services


An initial visit between Nona Paws management and pet family is required and is at no cost if scheduled with at least 2 days notice. We generally recommend scheduling them a week in advance of your first booking.

Prior to the Meet and Greet Visit, we will send you a welcome email to setup your profile with us on our Time To Pet software. Please complete the "My Info" tab and "Pets" tab in Time To Pet before our meeting. This will include your address, contact/ emergency info, and instructions for each pet’s care.

At this visit, Nona Paws will ask to see each pet’s routine, medication routine, location of pet related supplies, and cleaning supplies. We will interact with all pets, explain Nona Paws policies, go over how to use our app and answer any questions.

Please have 2 keys available at the Meet and Greet.

Entry to your home

Nona Paws Pet Sitting recommends having at 2 methods to enter your home. Most common options are: keyless pad front door lock, garage code entry, or 2 keys. Please have 2 keys at the Meet and Greet Visit. One key will be securely filed at our office. The other key will be placed in a lockbox and hidden in an obscure location on your property. Clients can provide the lockbox or purchase one from Nona Paws for a nominal fee. Nona Paws will pickup the keys for free one time at the Meet and Greet. To receive your key back, you are welcome to pick it up at the office at anytime for free or we can return it. $20 Hand delivery (pickup or return; one way). 


Authorized Pet Sitters & Neighbors as pet sitters

Each of our sitters have clean background & reference checks, are fully bonded & insured and have the instructions you provide in our online system.

Nona Paws Pet Sitting has a strict no job sharing policy with friends, family, and neighbors. Your home and pets are our responsibility while you are away. From the moment you leave your home until the moment you return, Nona Paws Pet Sitting must be the sole care giver to your pets. If a service, cleaning lady, landlord, etc. must enter the home, please let us know when to expect them for the safety of our staff and security of your home.

Nona Paws Pet Sitting operates as a team. We do not assign just 1 sitter to a family. Schedules are made based on sitter availability, planned driving routes, etc. If a sitter is sick, their car breaks down, etc you can rest assured that your pet will be taken care of. We always have at least 1 sitter on call in case of emergency. 


Food and Supplies

If you accidentally run out of food or supplies while your pet is in our care, we will notify you as soon we we notice an issue. Most clients choose to order supplies and have them delivered to their home, however we are happy to purchase more on your behalf and supply a receipt for reimbursement and $30 fee for pick up.


For your first set of pet sits, it is best to schedule several days in advance to allow time to come to your home to meet you & your pets with our free Meet & Greet Visit. Please note Meet and Greets scheduled with less than 48 hours notice are subject to a $15 last minute fee. After your first booking is complete, you can request visits via our Time to Pet app at anytime. We recommend booking at least 1-2 days in advance to ensure we can accommodate you. During the holidays we recommend booking several weeks in advance. 

How to Schedule Service

  • To schedule your service online up to 24 hours before your first visit begins, simply log on through the home page of our website or download the Time To Pet app. You can also call / text our office line  407.796.2305

  • Same day reservations are available for an additional $5 per visit.

  • Holiday visits are also available for an additional $6-10 per visit (and $20 per overnight). Holidays include: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, Independence Day, Labor Day. *Holiday pricing may include additional days that surround a holiday. For specific dates that include holiday pricing please see the description of the service in our app. 

  • Cancellations Policy: We understand plans change at last minute sometimes! To accommodate for that and to also ensure we have adequate staff coverage our cancellation policy is:

    •  More than 48 hours notice from the time of the first visit: Full refund given to client

    •  Less than 48 hours notice from the time of the first visit: 50% of the first 2 days of the reservation refunded to client; All other days in reservation refunded to client in full. 

Visiting Times

Our staff are available for 15, 30, 45, 60 minute and overnight pet sits 365 days a year.

You can schedule visits within blocks everyday:

  • Morning 7am-9am

  • Mid-Day 11-2pm
  • Dinner 4-6pm
  • Evening 7-9pm ​
  • Overnight Visits We will stay from 10pm-6am in your home

Inclement weather

In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, your pet sitter is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for your pet(s) and home (unless instructed by client to do otherwise in writing). If circumstances beyond the control of your pet sitter prohibit them from following instructions, your pet sitter will not be held responsible for consequences related to such decisions. We have yet to have any weather related problems.

Security of pets

You must ensure that adequate supplies and facilities necessary to maintain your pet on your property exist prior to departure. We cannot be responsible for pets that are prone to escape or for damaged equipment/fencing. We will make every reasonable attempt to remedy any problems that arise and to contact the client if necessary. We inspect the premises for problems on the initial visit and during each visit while you are away. We require all pets that are outside the home (not in a fenced in backyard) be on a leash. 

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